Mela Ventures

Building Next-Gen Entrepreneurs

Mela Ventures Appoints Kalyan Sundar as Head of Finance and Legal

Mela Ventures Invests in INDRA Water

Mela Ventures Invests in SimYog

Indra Co-Founders Mela


Sustainable Water Management

INDRA solves the complex problem of water treatment in the industrial and sewage segment with its patented electro-chemical oxidation & coagulation process.

Simyog Founders


EMI/EMC Simulation and Testing Platform 

SimYog enables companies to simulate the electrical and electronic products at the design stage and test for EMI/EMC.

Doppelio Mela


IoT Test Automation Platform 

Doppelio enables companies to rapidly test IoT apps by virtualizing and simulating devices at scale.

Intugine Leadership Team-Mela Ventures


Multimodal Supply Chain Visibility

Intugine is a real-time multimodal supply chain visibility enabler that is helping businesses optimize & digitize their logistics operations since 2017.

VuNet-Mela Ventures


Business Journey Observability

VuNet’s flagship product, vuSmartMapsTM is next generation full stack observability solution built using big data and machine learning in innovative ways to monitor business journeys and improve payment experience of users.

Tessol Leadership


Cold Chain Logistics

TESSOL, a globally recognized Indian Cold Chain Solution provider, aims to solve India’s last-mile distribution problem. 

Rajiv Jayaraman Knolskape


Experiential Learning

KNOLSKAPE delivers transformative experiences for the modern learner using AI, ML, business simulations, mobile and virtual reality.

Aditya Bhamidipaty


Customer Data Platform

FirstHive is a single source of truth for customer identity & data within the enterprise’s marketing and analytics ecosystem.

Voiro Founders


Revenue Management Platform

Voiro has become the revenue management platform of choice in the Indian media space, earning its spot in the core technology stack that has driven large live events year after year such as the IPL, the Oscars, Bigg Boss and the Big Billion Day.

General Aeronautics Team

General Aeronautics

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

General Aeronautics (GA) aims to be the preferred choice of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Precision Agriculture.

Infilect Founders


Retail Visual Intelligence

Infilect empowers worldwide Retail through intelligent, accelerated, and sustainable decision making.

The Mela is Beginning

KK and Partha in conversation about the next journey – Mela Ventures

Mela Ventures

Nurturing great ideas into memorable businesses with three Es


Going beyond the whitespaces

The right area and focus is a great starting point. Mela Ventures will provide strategic support in sales, people, and culture that form the base for a memorable company.


Going beyond just technology

Mela Ventures will help support innovative ideas co-exist with financially beneficial models by accurate evaluation of growth potential and sustainable processes.

Mela Ventures Empathy

Going beyond signing cheques

Mela Ventures will bring in technology advisory and maintain high-levels of passion to help the startups build sustainable businesses.

Our portfolio focus

At Mela Ventures, our goal is to build global B2B enterprise SaaS companies from India. We will focus on a few entrepreneurs and help them build great companies. Some of the core areas we are looking to build a portfolio are:


AI/ML and AR/VR technologies


Deep domain driven analytics


Cloud migration & hybrid cloud management


IoT in manufacturing and logistics


Services opportunities in AI/ML


Deep technologies and next-gen experience

Next Gen Entrepreneurs

Key elements of our investment strategy

Real-world solutions

Focus on opportunities which are solving a real-world enterprise problems

Sustained returns

Long-term and sustained returns for all ecosystem members

Early stage opportunity

Getting in at the right time and help them to scale

Mela Ventures Philosophy
Tomorrow's technology

Using deep technologies such as AI, ML, alternate energy, and quantum computing

Flow of opportunities

Connect with Accenture Accelerator, Nasscom 10K, Kickstarter, Microsoft Accelerator

Founding team

Ability to pick the right founders to back

Led by successful professionals driven by passion for early-stage startups from India

Mela Ventures is a SEBI-approved AIF, Category-2 start-up fund for early stage start-ups. The team has successfully started and run large organizations and are recognized globally for their expertise and business integrity. This team is going to be personally guide on strategic aspects and will bring in the right experts at each milestone to ensure growth.

How to stop limiting ourselves and start pursuing our possibilities – Parthasarathy NS #onequestion

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