About Us

Putting India’s tech potential on the global map. One startup at a time

“Mela” is a cultural fair and a baazar that brings diverse people together and a place where relationships are formed and built.

Mela Ventures is a celebration of next-gen entrepreneurship. Our purpose is to build global B2B SaaS companies out of India that are solving real-world challenges. Our founders, who were on the other side of the table until recently, are successful professionals with a keen eye for next-gen entrepreneurs and solutions. As a philosophy, we will focus on a few entrepreneurs and guide them at every stage until we reach our collective goals.

We are entrepreneurs at heart and love to hear your crazy ideas. Bring it on. Let’s put India’s startup prowess on the world map.

Melannials” is what we call our employees – the future looking and the ones who inspire us with infinite curiosity and energy. 

Let the Mela begin.

Our investment process


We will invest in a select portfolio of technologies and business promise. The screening process will help us select the right entrepreneurs and business ideas.

Alignment of Minds

Here is where we get to know you more, the growth drivers, competitive advantage and alignment of minds.

Due Diligence

Integrity is of paramount importance to us and we expect the same with you. We will ask you for a range of resources and do our due diligence before we hit the road.

Hit the road

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. We are all set with the paperwork and collaborate with you in building a memorable organization.

Edge you get by working with our team

Sharpening your ideas

Access to experts


Effective governance


Deep research

Investment ecosystem


Operational expertise

Have a business idea that meets our criteria? Go ahead and share it with us.