Mela Ventures invests in INDRA Water, a Sustainable Water Treatment startup

INDRA’s proprietary water treatment solution takes 90% less space compared to existing solutions and recovers up to 99% of the treated water

Indra Co-Founders Mela

Mumbai, India, 18-January 2024: INDRA, a smart water treatment systems provider, announced a Series A round of $4 Mn led by cleantech pioneer Emerald Technology Ventures, based in Switzerland, and Mela Ventures. The round also saw participation from Peak Sustainability Ventures and The Climate Angels.

INDRA, co-founded by Amrit and Krunal in 2017 solves the complex problem of water treatment in the industrial and sewage segment with its patented electro-chemical oxidation & coagulation process. INDRA’s technology leverages ionic reactions to remove pollutants – including a wide range of unwanted substances, heavy metals, suspended solids, phosphorus, fats, oil, grease, pathogens and dissolved organics among others from wastewater. INDRA’s proprietary water treatment solution is a plug-and-play solution, which takes 90% less space compared to existing solutions and recovers up to 99% of the treated water. It can be implemented standalone or in combination with existing water treatment solutions. With its current focus on industrial effluents from textiles, steel manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and sewage from hotels and commercial properties, INDRA’s impact extends across sectors where the need for effective water treatment is paramount.

In water-stressed nations like India and several Southeast Asian countries, the deficit between wastewater generation and treatment is significant and a cause for worry. The estimated current size of the Indian Water treatment market is $12 Bn; this is expected to reach $20 Bn by 2030. INDRA, with its modular and differentiated solutions, is well-placed to meet the pressing needs of the industrial community, aligning with stringent quality parameters set by environmental and regulatory authorities globally. The conventional process is much less effective due to high amounts of chemical usage, leading to high sludge generation and consequent environmental impact.

Amrit Om Nayak, Co-Founder and CEO, INDRA, said, “Solving the wastewater treatment challenge needs continuous innovation and relentless commitment. I am very excited that Mela Ventures shares the same passion for sustainable solutions. This partnership gives us a lot of conviction to confidently pursue and deliver on our promise to drive the world’s transition towards sustainable water management.”

Krishnakumar, Managing Partner at Mela Ventures, said, “Our investment in INDRA aligns well with sustainability, which is one of our key investment focus themes. Wastewater treatment is a pressing problem demanding urgent global attention. I am very excited as INDRA solves this challenge comprehensively with minimal infrastructure and space requirements in a sustainable manner. The team led by Amrit and Krunal is very passionate about wastewater management. I wish the team the best in making the world self-sufficient when it comes to water usage.”


INDRA is pioneering decentralized treatment and reuse of water. Our novel electrical approach is offsetting millions of litres of fresh water demand through water recycling and mitigating water pollution by break-down of complex pollutants in water and wastewater streams. Indra is dedicated to bringing clean water to people while lowering dependence on water which is treated and transported from faraway places. The urge to improve human perception about water and build global water security has enabled us to provide a billion litres of cleaner and safer water for our customers & stakeholders using our Electrox technology. We have been kinder to the environment in the process and have generated 4500 tons less of sludge, used 3600 tons less of harmful chemicals and produced 850+ tons less of greenhouse gases as compared to conventional chemical and biological water treatment solutions. Visit

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