Pitch Structure

Pitch it up

Here are the guidelines that you can use to create your pitch deck once we shortlist your organization as a potential opportunity. 


Overview of the founding team

We invest in people and purpose. Briefly introduce your founding team and their credentials to make it big. As a philosophy, we encourage having women founders on the team. 


Promise and purpose

State the promise and purpose of your organization. Please keep it specific and measurable. 


Vision and values

Please articulate your vision and the values that drive the behavior to achieve the vision. 


Happy people

State some of the unique policies or programs you have to keep your employees happy and inspired. 


Problem statement

What is the customer’s business problem and survival challenge that you’re solving? How does the customer address the issue today? 


Market potential

How big is the market size and the trends that are driving the growth? Give as many details, preferably backed by a study. Please mark the TAM (Total Addressable Market), SAM (Serviceable Available Market) and SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market) separately. 


Overview on the company’s product

Show us how your product is solving the problem statement and how is it adding significant value to the customers? Please share some use-cases. State how is your product making the customer’s life better and helping them grow. Do present the product / technology roadmap in a separate slide. 


GTM strategy

How have you been approaching the market and how do you plan to upgrade the strategy with the funding? Please focus on the revenue, pricing, inbound/outbound, sales/marketing models. 


Current traction

Give us an overview of the traction you are having with the market in terms of clients, prospect pipeline, revenue growth, verticals and geographies. 


Who do you consider your competition and what are the differentiators that places you high on value?  

Funding ask and utilization

What is your funding requirement and how do you plan to utilize as against the growth plan.  

Our investment process


We will invest in a select portfolio of technologies and business promise. The screening process will help us select the right entrepreneurs and business ideas.

Alignment of Minds

Here is where we get to know you more, the growth drivers, competitive advantage and alignment of minds.

Due Diligence

Integrity is of paramount importance to us and we expect the same with you. We will ask you for a range of resources and do our due diligence before we hit the road.

Hit the road

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. We are all set with the paperwork and collaborate with you in building a memorable organization.

Have a business idea that meets our criteria? Go ahead and share it with us.