Simyog Founders

SimYog Founders

L to R: Dr.Harikiran Muniganti, Co-Founder; Anant Devi, Co-Founder and Dr.Dipanjan Gope, Founder and CEO

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SimYog Technology Private Limited is a startup headquartered in Bangalore, India. With a mission to enable “Agile for Hardware Design”. Today they are focused on providing EMI/EMC simulation software for front-loading at the early design stage. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) contribute to a significant percentage of compliance failures for electronic/electrical hardware in the verification stage. This leads to the loss of revenue due to delay in time-to-market or cancelled projects.



Key Client Segments

Semiconductor, Motor Vehicle, 
Appliances, Electrical, & Electronics Manufacturing


EMI/EMC Simulation Software


Computational Software

Value Delivered to the Global Clients 

$2-3 Million savings per product line

Detect & resolved EMI/EMC issues before physical prototyping of the product

High level of accuracy comparable with measurement lab data

Get it right the first time - Increased the certification probability